Project Light

Project Light is a unique Torah-sourced 8-Step Program toward healing our relationship with food.

In this series, participants:

  • gain direction toward making long-term changes in their food choices
  • absorb and practice the concept of bechirah in regards to their eating
  • understand what’s truly keeping them stuck in the compulsive eating habit
  • absorb one foundation that’s critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle
    (and the reason why they haven’t been successful at breaking it until today)
  • learn a powerful, positive approach toward effective change
  • explore the impact of this change on their marriage/parenting/relationships
  • take an illuminating journey inward
  • emerge with soul-nourishing food for thought

 *Encouraging, interactive environment

*Highly effective accountability system

*LAHAV-style Firework

*Daily illuminating readings



Project Light is currently in session and is thus closed for registration.