Project Kindle

You’ve always wished there was a self-development program that was tailored to your needs.

This program would offer:

*Concepts that can immediately be applied to your life

*Only 100% Torah-based, relatable, positive content

*Engaging, thought-provoking classes

*Communication and connection with a like-minded group

*A program that “gets” you and your emotional world

*An option to participate at times that work for you



New & Improved 

Project Kindle

It’s your time to shine. Make it happen this winter.

Registration for Kindle is currently closed.

In this debut LAHAV course, Rebbetzin Shiffy Friedman takes participants on an eye-opening journey through the most fundamental aspects of their life, offering a refreshing, transformative approach to the inner self. Each class is chock-full of Torah gems, presented with lots of practical, relatable examples and FireWork (that’s homework in LAHAV language!). Featuring a unique accountability system, this program makes hands-on implementation doable and fun.  

LAHAV can only accept a limited number of participants to ensure that every member gains the utmost from this program. 



In LAHAV’s transformational 8-week program, you will be”H:

*Experience a self-awareness journey and unblock inner parts that will light up your life

*Identify your unique primary theme that may be keeping you most stuck but can facilitate the most growth

*Learn how to give yourself what you need so you can give to others

*Aquire the direction toward feeling more fulfilled, content, and alive

*Explore a powerful approach to dealing with challenges of all kinds

*Discover the keys to connecting to others and Hashem

Project Kindle Features:

*8 illuminating, interactive classes that combine sharing and learning

*A highly effective accountability system

*Detailed source sheets

*Thought-provoking worksheets to facilitate implementation 

*New Feature! Moving musical presentations to enrich the emotional experience 

VIP Program! Project Kindle PLUS:

*Supercharge your transformation through a one-on-one session with Mrs. Shiffy Friedman ($225 value)

*Gain access to a bonus Q&A session upon completion of the program ($75 value)

Project Kindle: $375

Project Kindle PLUS: $575 ($100 discount)


Please note: Project Kindle is only suitable for women over the age of 18 who are interested in engaging in intensive self-development work and are able to commit to an accountability system. As LAHAV’s foundation course, Project Kindle is a prerequisite for most other LAHAV programs.

What past participants are saying…


M. K., Howell, New Jersey

“Before I joined Kindle, I had gone to three different therapists for relatively minor issues that needed ‘fixing.’ I spent many thousands of dollars, hours of time, and invested my heart in the process, but it was all in vain. Through just one cycle of Kindle, I’ve BH been zocheh to so much clarity, serenity, and joy! I can’t thank Hashem enough for this miracle.” 

Suri T., Lakewood, New Jersey

 “There’s so much I want to say but if I don’t just write something right now, I’m afraid I’ll never start. The most profound impact I’ve felt from Kindle (I anticipated each class with bated breath!) was on my parenting. Even before we got to the parenting class, I’d already noticed how my emotions were so deeply enmeshed in the parenting journey, but when you brought the pieces together in that class, I knew my parenting would never be the same… It isn’t, and I hope it will keep getting better and healthier be”H.” 

Tami G., Los Angeles, California

Becoming an Adult is such fun! (And lots of sweat too…)

Ahuva M., Golders Green, London

“The other day, I caught myself going down the Child route when my husband did something that wasn’t to my liking. Wow, that moment of choosing that I want to be the Adult wife here was huge. Seriously, no words to thank you.”

Rivka F., Monsey, New York

“I never realized how profound and layered my nefesh is and how much I and everyone around me benefits when I simply give her her place to shine. A new world has opened up for me and I’m so excited to explore it. Suddenly, there is joy in the everyday life, there is excitement in just being. Who would have thought that’s possible in this rat race of life in 2023, that I can take pleasure in sitting with a child, in having a conversation with my husband, in talking to Hashem, in being with myself?


T., Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael

It’s been a new waking up every morning these days! Instead of seeing my difficulties in my relationships, especially social anxieties, as a hurdle, I’m starting to see the gift in them. Instead of finding ways to move away from what’s going on inside, I’m letting myself go there and this work couldn’t have been more relieving. 

Dina M., Monsey, New York

“Project Kindle helped me get to know my inner parts that had been impacting me so much but I simply didn’t know that they exist or how to deal with them. Since I’ve joined the program, I’ve gained an incredible sense of direction toward my purpose and toward what brings me true joy and menuchas hanefesh. It has turned me into a better wife, mother, and Yid.