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Ner Leragli is the answer to the question:

“I know all answers to my life’s questions (including emotional wellbeing) are in Torah, but where?” 

Please note: Ner Leragli shiurim do not currently appear on a consistent basis.

Ner Leragli Features

Each new lesson appears on Monday morning and includes:

Engaging Shiur

Illuminating parshah class on a nefesh-oriented topic, such as marriage, parenting, relationships, connection, self-esteem, simchah, and reconnecting to Torah with joy, in audio and PDF format.

Coming Soon! Audio-visual option.


1. A question to explore in your mind or journal

(or the special Ner Leragli journal! )

2. A practical suggestion to act upon the inspiration


A Short Passuk to Absorb Reflect Upon and Kindle, which serves as our weekly “mantra” for this week’s topic.


A specially selected song whose message relates to our particular topic, to help us absorb the message in our heart through the power of neginah/shirah.

SHAVUOS AND MARRIAGE: Its lessons for me as a wife (or wife-to-be)

Ner Leragli Theme Song

Spark In the Dark (קול אשה)

Hear From Fellow Ner Leragli Journeyers…

Unearthed A Treasure

“I grew up in a very frum home, went to great schools and seminary, and am even holding down a few teaching jobs. I’ve never yet learned Torah in this way! It’s Torah that really speaks to my neshamah and I can’t get over what an impact it’s making in my everyday life. Like you say, it’s the treasure in our backyard that we simply need to unearth.

Thank you a million times over!”

Esther, Lakewood


“It’s fascinating to observe how, just as you point out in the introductory class, the Torah’s lesson from the weekly parshah is exactly relevant to me in that very week of my life. I start listening first thing Monday morning, curious to see what it is I need to know as a primer for what’s to come that week! I find myself humming the Ner Leragli tune from that week as a reminder of the powerful lessons. They’re all so moving and just what I need to keep me going.”

Sara Gitty, Brooklyn

Blown Away

“Just writing to let you know that I am absolutely blown away by these shiurim. They are life-giving! Oxygen. So gorgeously written and presented, certainly tied with a bow (a different kind of bow, not the one you referred to in the shiur!). I’m seeing the vigor in my step that Dovid Hamelech speaks of in the Ner Leragli passuk. What a zechus!”

Sheva, Golders Green

That Extra Step

“Thanks so much for encouraging me to go that extra step in my relationships over the past week. I was very inspired by the ‘Cared For People Care’ shiur and have been giving this part of my marriage and parenting the boost it needed. Thanks from just one inspired listener, tapping in to the wisdom of Torah from my corner of the world (while washing the dishes!).”

Bina, Monsey

Explored the Resentment

“I’ve been feeling resentful toward someone in my life for a long, long time, and this shiur really awakened in me a desire to look into it and see if there was anything I could change on my end. What clarity I came to based on your discussion! I never knew Torah could give SO much–and I grew up in the system all the way…

“Thanks for opening my eyes to a new, illuminating world.”

Bruchy, Jackson

Dashed Hopes

“Honestly, I was skeptical when I saw the title of this shiur because, as you actually explored in it, I’ve been disappointed too many times to keep hoping. As someone who’s had her fair share of nisyonos in this world, sometimes I feel like it’s just too much.

“But what can I say? Your gorgeous words of Torah were just so validating, they moved me to tears. May Hashem bentch you with many years of continued siyatta diShmaya and kirvas Elokim–the true reward, as you keep teaching us thirsty sisters.”

M. T., Yerushalayim

Ner Leragli shiurim can also be heard on:

  •  LAHAV Hotline (646-693-1700/ 072-370-1938)
  • Kol Halashon, by typing “Rebbetzin Shiffy Friedman” in the search box. 
  • Inspire By Wire Hotline
  • Nishmoseinu Hotline


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