About Our Founder

Rebbetzin Shiffy Friedman is the founding director of LAHAV, an initiative that was conceived from her life experiences as a teacher, writer, and counselor—and a fellow Yid who’s simply been seeking more meaning, connection, and joy in life. In her practice as an LMSW, she realized that her knowledge in psychology was not helpful in healing the infinitely profound nefesh. She’s grateful to have discovered the Torah’s direction toward a more connected, content life, which she uses as a guide in counseling and teaching women.

Considering the profundity of the subject matter, Shiffy delivers her thought-provoking shiurim in an engaging, easy style, peppering her classes with relatable anecdotes and practical examples.

A native New Yorker, Shiffy feels privileged to call Yerushalayim—where she currently lives with her husband and six children—home.


LAHAV is a culmination of a dream to bring the treasure trove of Torah gems regarding emotional wellbeing, relationships, and contentment to growth-minded, inquisitive frum women around the world.

It’s for women who ask questions like:

  • “I know so much about emunah and bitachon, but how can I feel this inner peace and security in my bones?”
  • “I’m trying to be a good wife/mother/Yid, but I wish I’d feel more fulfillment and pleasure (minus the guilt!) in these relationships.”
  • “I know that my self-worth isn’t dependent on anything, but why don’t I just feel that I’m enough as I am?”
  • “I’m frum and ehrlich, but why is there no passion in my davening?”

True to our mantra of לב הבנה ביחד, our mission at LAHAV is to deliver content and programs that not only light minds, but also ignite hearts—so that all of us can live our most vibrant life.

This is where LAHAV fills a particular need: with a focus on the emotional aspect of avodas Hashem and all areas of living, it’s here where we get to explore our nefesh and its needs from a wholesome Torah perspective, understanding why we do what we do and feel how we feel, and the Torah’s direction to fulfilling these unique needs. It’s the insight we wish for when just knowing the answer doesn’t cut it for us. What if we don’t feel it? What if what should be the highlights of our life sometimes feel difficult? How do we deal with unpleasant emotions? With our own unique emotional makeup (that sometimes makes us feel like we’re the only one with these feelings)? Challenging relationships? Triggering circumstances? The ups and downs (and plateaus too!) that make up what we want to be our best life? How can we feel in our heart what we already know in our mind? These are all questions that LAHAV projects tackle–based on magnificent Torah sources (including Tanach, sifrei mussar, chassidus, and machshavah), and in a relatable, engaging style.

Whether you’ve gotten to know Shiffy and her refreshing perspectives through her articles, HEART newsletters, shiurim, one-on-one counseling sessions–or even from the park bench!–and you feel that the approach of positivity, clarity, and Torah-based wisdom resonates with you, know that LAHAV was created with you in mind. It’s the place where you’ll find inspiring yet down-to-earth content (including shiurim, courses, kumzitses, mentorship programs, and other powerful features) that speaks your language and fills you with light, joy, and fulfillment.