It’s your time to shine

Today is the day you can feel more alive, more radiant, more connected.
By filling your mind with light and unblocking the channels of your heart, you can experience the vibrant life you deserve.

But how?

One guidebook, written by the One who created your nefesh with utmost precision, has all the answers you seek.

Open up your heart and let its light shine in!


Come and learn with us. Usher the light of Torah into your mind and heart—and watch it nurture, heal, and connect.

No complicated jargon

No astronomical fees

No esoteric concepts

Just sweet, pure, illuminating words of Torah in a growing, positive environment. That’s LAHAV for you. Get in on the GLOW!

LAHAV Theme Song (קול אשה)

Open For Me


LAHAV is endorsed by and under the hadrachah of HaRav Nachman Biederman shlit”a.


“There’s a צורך גבוה, a profound need, for this initiative. May it merit a shemirah elyonah, with a lot of siyatta diShmaya and hatzlacha. I’m endorsing this idea and can attest that Rebbetzin Friedman wants only to bring more bracha and growth to klal Yisrael. May all of the women who join feel more simchah and menuchas hanefesh. The initiative should expand and the shiurim should increase with a lot of bracha.”

(Excerpt from Rav Biederman’s bracha, translated from Yiddish)

More Endorsements and Reviews

“When Shiffy came to consult with me regarding launching LAHAV and giving shiurim to women on such important topics that shape the Yiddishe home and help women live a more elevated, connected, and beautiful life, I gave her my full endorsement and encouragement—because I know her and I know what she has to offer to the world.

Despite being unable to express my endorsement verbally, I used my eyes to let her know what an important contribution she can make to Yiddishe women around the world. Rebbetzin Shiffy Friedman has a unique understanding of the nefesh and a heartwarming, engaging presentation style, and what makes her teachings so beautiful is that they are all based on a solid Torah hashkafah. Knowing Shiffy, I can attest to her yiras Shamayim and her desire to be marbeh kevod Shamayim. Through her shiurim and projects, Shiffy will be’ezras Hashem help women find more beauty and joy in Yiddishkeit and in the relationships Hashem blessed them with. It is my brachah that every woman be zocheh to experience more clarity in her avodas Hashem and more simchah in her daily life. I have confidence that through LAHAV, many women will merit to experience that.”

–Rebbetzin Tammy Karmel, world-renowned role model in serving Hashem through her nisayon of ALS
Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael
(Message written with Tammy’s consent and guidance)

Endorsement from Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi

The nefesh, according to Chazal, is a being of tefillah. “And I will pour out my nefesh before Hashem,” says Chana [Shmuel HaNavi’s mother], the embodiment of tefillah.

The nefesh is in a constant state of prayer. She’s always asking, always hoping; sometimes she sobs, other times she’s happy; and always, always, she yearns to sit in the shadow of Hakadosh Baruch Hu’s wings. 

We all seek to satisfy the true desires of our nefesh. This is what drives the masses so much, even those in the tzibbur of Yirei Hashem, to turn to healing modalities whose source isn’t pure. As a result, not only does this not heal the nefesh; it only intensifies her thirst. 

Two expressions that describe Hashem’s Torah are critical characteristics for anyone who is involved in facilitating emotional healing: She [the Torah] is “trustworthy” (עדות ה’ נאמנה), and she “restores the nefesh” (משיבת נפש). [When healing is facilitated through Torah,] the nefesh returns to her rightful, pure place and she is no longer disconcerted by a language that isn’t familiar to her. 

It’s been several years that I’ve had the merit to work with Rebbetzin Shiffy Friedman. She doesn’t only translate my words of Torah; nor does she merely edit or facilitate them. She infuses them with her nefesh. 

I was so happy to hear that Rebbetzin Friedman is starting to teach the approach to healing the nefesh through Torah! I know, with the help of Hashem, that learning with her will increase much shalom in the homes of klal Yisrael, introduce wonderful and accurate insights regarding the chinuch of our children, and, most importantly, this learning will increase menuchas hanefesh, which we are all so desperate for!

Best wishes for hatzlacha from the depths of my heart and nefesh,

[Rabbanit] Yemima Mizrachi

The Rabbanit’s original endorsement:

!לכל ציבור הנשים

הנפש, לפי חז”ל, היא התפילה. “ואשפוך את נפשי לפני ה'” אומרת חנה, אם התפילה.
הנפש מתפללת כל העת. היא תמיד מבקשת, תמיד מקווה, לפעמים היא מתייפחת (“מפח נפש”), לפעמים היא שמחה (“נפש חפצה”) ותמיד תמיד חומדת לשבת בצל כנפיו של הקב”ה. (“נפשי חמדה”)…
כולנו מבקשים להשביע את רצונה של הנפש (“כי השביע נפש שוקקה”) מה שגורם לרבים כל כך, גם בציבור יראי ה’, לפנות לשיטות – נפש שמקורן לא טהור ולכן, לא זו בלבד שאינן מרפאות את הנפש, אלא מוסיפות בה עוד צימאון.
על תורת ה’ נאמרים שני הביטויים שהם חובה לכל מי שנוגע בתורת הנפש: היא “נאמנה” , (עדות ה’ נאמנה), והיא “משיבת נפש”: הנפש שבה למקומה הראוי והטהור ולא מתבלבלת עוד בשפה שאינה מוכרת לה.
כבר שנים אני זוכה לעבוד עם הרבנית שיפי פרידמן. היא לא רק מתרגמת את דברי התורה שלי, היא גם לא רק עורכת אותם ומוסרת אותם. היא מוסרת עליהם את הנפש.
שמחתי כל כך לשמוע שרבנית פרידמן מתחילה ללמד את שיטות ריפוי הנפש מתוך התורה! אני יודעת, בעזרת ה’ , שהלימוד איתה יוסיף שלום בית בבתי ישראל, יוסיף תובנות מופלאות ונכונות בחינוך הילדים ובעיקר, זה יהיה לימוד שיוסיף למנוחת הנפש, מה שכולנו כל כך זקוקות לו!
בברכת הצלחה מעומק הלב והנפש
ימימה מזרחי

“It is my honor to endorse a project like LAHAV, directed by Rebbetzin Shiffy Friedman.
Whenever I want to talk through something ‘real,’ be it a thought, concept, or issue, I know that analyzing and discussing it with Shiffy will give me so much clarity and food for thought. She has a rare understanding from a balanced emotional-spiritual perspective, and she always makes herself available to share it with me whenever I can use it. Although she has her hands full, ka”h, and is very focused on her family life, she’s the kind of person you know you can count on because she’s always there for others. I find myself holding on to many of the profound Torah-based thoughts and ideas Shiffy has shared with me over the years, as they are all so true and relevant, emanating from a real place of sincerity and growth.
I believe that through LAHAV, so many women in klal Yisrael will be able to benefit from these unique kochos to grow together.”

–Rebbetzin Miriam Meiselman, parenting coach and mentor

Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael

“Mrs. Shiffy Friedman is a remarkable combination of ehrlichkeit, inner beauty, personality, and wisdom. She is a fountain of Torah knowledge and real life experience. Shiffy is not only a role model in her field and profession, but more importantly, she is the exemplary Aishes Chayil and Yiddishe Mamme. I would not only recommend her classes to anyone interested in true enjoyable growth, but I personally look forward to being her student and learning from her upcoming series!”

–Mrs. Baila Friedmann, veteran kallah teacher and adult educator
Monsey, New York

“We remember feeling inspired by Rebbetzin Shiffy Friedman’s writing as far back as a dozen years ago. Since then, whether it’s in her writings for Between Carpools or in other venues, she’s been that ever-present voice of inspiration and gives all of those valuable moments to stop and think.

“We’ve always been so impressed by her personal accomplishments, not only for the items on her resume, but also including the individuals she impacts on a daily basis. We value her wisdom and we know we can all stand to gain a lot by hearing more of it!”

–The Between Carpools Team

What LAHAV Participants Are Saying

Bracha M., LAHAV participant

 Lakewood, New Jersey

“This is what my nefesh has been searching for all these years.”


Shira Savit, longtime newsletter recipient

 Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael

I have endless hakaras hatov to Shiffy for the many years she has generously offered her valuable insights and inspiring HEART messages. Shiffy’s emails have provided me with the Torah based hashkafah and practical tools to grow and evolve in my relationship with self and others, through a ruchniyus lens.

I highly recommend Shiffy’s classes to any woman is who is looking for growth, support, transformation and the ability to tap into her inner strength through a solid Torah foundation. I am looking forward to learning more Torah gems from Shiffy, which I know will continue to enhance my life.


Ahuva M., Project Kindle Participant

Golders Green, England

The other day, I caught myself going down the Child route when my husband did something that wasn’t to my liking. Wow, that moment of choosing that I want to be the Adult wife here was huge. Seriously, no words to thank you.


Bina Gottdiener, shiur participant

Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael

“Woven with powerful hashkafah, timeless gems, and refreshing reality, Shiffy’s classes empower us to reveal the profundity and depth within. I leave each interactive class with relatable advice and soul-nourishing food-for-thought I so desperately craved.”

T., Project Kindle Participant

Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael

It’s been a new waking up every morning these days! Instead of seeing my difficulties in my relationships, especially social anxieties, as a hurdle, I’m starting to see the gift in them. Instead of finding ways to move away from what’s going on inside, I’m letting myself go there and this work couldn’t have been more relieving.

Suri T., Project Kindle Participant

Brooklyn, New York

The most profound impact I’ve felt from Kindle (I anticipated each class with bated breath!) was on my parenting. Even before we got to the parenting class, I’d already noticed how my emotions were so deeply enmeshed in the parenting journey, but when you brought the pieces together in that class, I knew my parenting would never be the same… It isn’t, and I hope it will keep getting better and healthier be”H.” 

Suri M., did LAHAV work in a one-on-one setting

Brooklyn, New York

“Rebbetzin Shiffy Friedman has an important message to share with frum women, one that has changed my perspective on life and has enabled me to find meaning and connection, especially in the most challenging areas of life.”

Mrs. Tehillah S., seminary mechaneches who refers students to Shiffy

Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael

“I’m excited about the concept of LAHAV, through which women around the world will finally have a chance to explore their nefesh from a wholesome Torah perspective. This initiative will bring so much clarity and passion into Yiddishe homes!”

M. R., longtime newsletter recipient

Cedarhurst, New York

“Initially, I felt cynical toward yet another frum self-help spin-off of the non-Jewish self-help pop-psychology world — until I actually read about Shiffy’s own inner journey from the methods and theories she learned to her own observations and experiences (which caused her to question the modern pop-psychology theories and methods), culminating with the introspective study of authentic Torah-sourced mussar, and working out how to apply those sources in a genuinely Torah’dig way. In others words, this isn’t a spin-off of the non-Jewish material; this is real mussar-based work at the neshamah level.”


F. Lisauer, shiur participant

Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael

“Shiffy fuses emotional wellbeing and relationships together with the Torah in an insightful way. Her classes are filled with ‘aha’ moments, where she touches upon daily relatable scenarios. In the series I attended, she created a growing and supportive environment, making a deepened avodas Hashem and higher living more attainable.”

Gila T., longtime newsletter recipient

Monsey, New York

 “I’ve utilized Rebbetzin Friedman’s methods and advice, including for some very difficult life dynamics and inner aspects of myself, and have been simultaneously shocked, gratified, and grateful at how genuinely helpful and effective they’ve been. Often, the effect has been immediate. But in one case, regarding something I’d been actively struggling with for years, I went according to Shiffy’s method a couple of times without experiencing any insight or release–and then experienced a total (and much-needed) mind-shift breakthrough a couple of days later. I couldn’t believe it finally happened after having invested so much time and effort previously.”

Kindle the Spark!

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So you’ve spent some time here getting to know LAHAV. If our message resonates with you, and you’re ready to light your mind and ignite your heart so you can usher more light into your life, Project Kindle is for you.
This is your chance to gain a wholesome perspective on the matters that are most important to you (including serenity, self-acceptance, marriage, parenting, relationships, and living your best life). In the thought-provoking, life-altering classes of LAHAV’s foundation course, you’ll explore a whole new world of clarity, contentment, and connection.
Registration for Project Kindle is currently closed.
Note: Project Kindle is geared toward married women, but any woman over the age of 18 is welcome to join.
Our mission at LAHAV is to help the incredible women of klal Yisrael experience more simchah, fulfillment, and connection in their daily life. If you have any suggestions and ideas for future projects, we’d love to hear from you!
If you’d like to sponsor a shiur or project (or the participation of a particular woman) as a zechus for a cause, please reach out to us. The zechus of helping women elevate their avodas Hashem and experience more joy and inner peace as wives, mothers, and Yidden is priceless.

To find out more about Rebbetzin Shiffy Friedman’s one-on-one counseling services from a LAHAV perspective, or for any questions or comments, please write to us by filling out the form below. Or, call the LAHAV office at 929-884-1726.

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